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Quote your projects, in minutes.

Not enough time to quote new deals? No problem. Renotag makes it easy to quote any project with so you close more deals.

Let's face it, quoting sucks...

But without a quote, you can’t win business.

So you spend hours researching costs and calling your subs because you know that if you give your lead a quote in the first 24 hours, you have a 70% chance of closing that job.

And once you’ve collected all your costs, you’ve got to apply a markup and make sure that you will make money on the project, before you start!

But this process turns hours into days, and sometimes weeks — you don’t have time for that

And if it isn’t you doing it, you’ve hired an estimator — but that is going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

The thing is, quoting has always been this way. 

Ever since you started your career in construction, you’ve felt the pain of the pre-construction and quoting process.

And without a systematic process for generating estimates, you’re at a loss for time and money.

See the big companies figured this out because they can afford to spend hundreds of thousands on custom-coded tools, with big technical teams…

But what about the rest of the industry? 95% of contractors are small businesses and don’t have the custom tools the large companies build…

Until Renotag Estimator™. It gives you the same superpowers that the big companies have, and it costs less than what you’ll spend on coffee this month.


Make your quoting easy.

What is Renotag Estimator™?

Renotag Estimator™ is the world’s first AI-powered estimator for existing construction. It automates the work you don’t want to do so you focus on construction, not office work.

Using Renotag Estimator™ saves you hundreds of hours on research and preparation with our Cost Database and Company Templates.

Simply make material and finish selections, then Renotag Estimator™ instantly recalculate the costs of your projects.

With every project, you get a line-item breakdown of the project, with costs and material selections. Best of all, every project has a ready-to-send estimate so you can close your client, with one click.


Send your clients quote

Every project estimate made on Renotag Estimator™  automatically generates a professional, client-facing quote.

Customize your quotes with your company’s branding and stand out professionally.

Learn more about LeadBuilder™

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Get started with Renotag

Let Renotag handle the hard work of quoting projects, so you can focus on what matters.