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Your renovation — designed, priced, planned.

Renotag guides you through your renovation so you can feel confident in your project, before hiring a contractor.

How Renotag Works

A simple process for every renovation.

1. Make your selections

This helps Renotag understand your space's current state and your vision for its transformation. It's a simple way to share your details and renovation dreams with us.

2. Choose a style and design

Whether you're a fan of modern minimalism or rustic charm, Renotag has something for everyone. Mix and match elements to create a layout that's uniquely yours.

3. Get an instant project estimate

Renotag will give you an immediate quote. This transparent pricing allows you to understand the financial aspect of your renovation without any surprises.

4. Finalize your project details

Your Renovation Assistant will bring samples of the materials, fixtures, and finishes you've chosen to home and finalize the measurements of your space. You'll see and feel the quality of the project and make any final tweaks before we start building.

5. Start your project

You're in control of when your renovation starts. Choose a date that fits your schedule, and we'll be there, ready to bring your dream space to life.

Plan and Price Your Project

Let Renotag handle the hard work of planning your next project, so you don’t have to.