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Founded by renovation and custom home experts, Renotag was built to make the renovation process, easier.

Step 1

Build Your Project

Renotag's project builder and estimation tools help you clarify your project scope and align it with a budget.

Step 2

Add Your Project Details

We'll need some basic information about your property, like an address and ownership status.

Step 3

Speak to Your Project Advisor

Our project advisors have years of experience in renovations. We'll ask you all the right questions to match you with the perfect contractor for your project.

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3 Benefits of Renotag

Plan your renovation in minutes:

Calculate Your Estimate

We estimate the cost of your project using local construction data and our AI estimation engine.

Match the Right Contractors

We match you with our database of pre-vetted contractors so you don't have to search.

Need Renovation Financing?

Complete a 2 minute application to get multiple offers from lenders across Canada.

A Community of Homeowners

Hundreds of Homeowners get the most out of our tools with Renotag's sales and customer support teams. Give us a call if you have any questions on how Renotag can help you get your project started.

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I wanted to create a beautiful space for my family. Renotag helped me every step of the way.

— Gary and Linnea

Kitchen Renovation

Renotag Customer Testimonial

I used Renotag to calculate the cost of my renovation without ever speaking to a contractor. This tool is amazing.

James McGrall, Ontario

I got an estimate for my project and loan quotes from multiple lenders, all from my computer.

Gordon Travis, Ontario

I compare my contractor's pricing to Renotag to make sure I'm getting the best rates, and that we're well informed on the project.

Sarah Scavolini, Ontario

We work with the Top Home Pros

We work with qualified home renovation professionals, so you know your project will always be quoted by the best companiesin the industry. Start your project today or call us to answer your questions.

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