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The Renovation Revolution: How Renotag’s Estimator AI is Changing the Game

David Rozenfeld March 16, 2023 4:50 pm 17 minutes Table of Contents Renovations can be a daunting task, from deciding what needs to be done to finding the right contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the power of an estimation team, without the extra team members.
Do what you do best, Renotag does the rest.

Renotag enables home improvement contractors to accurately quote construction projects in minutes.

Contractors that quote within the first 24 hours increase the likelihood of winning a contract by 70%. Renotag automates this tedious, but critical, work so they can win more business.

Renotag is comprised of several products:

Renotag Estimator™, QuickBuilder™, LeadBuilder™, Project Templates, and Community Library.

Each of these products has a different function and helps hundreds of contractors automate their quoting and sales process.

You can learn more about our products here: See Products

With solutions for teams of all sizes, Renotag will help you quote faster, do material takeoffs, generate more leads, build your team and more.

Renotag will help you:

  1. Quote your projects in minute
  2. Increase your leads
  3. Build your sales and operating teams
  4. Speed up your pre-construction processes

You can learn more about our solution here: See Solutions

Renotag is super affordable, starting at as little as $79/Month, with plans for every stage of your business sales cycle:

Learn more about our pricing here: See Pricing