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How smart homeowners price their renovations

Stop overpaying for renovations. Use Renotag's renovation cost calculator for local, market-rate pricing.

Renotag's renovation cost calculator being used by a person to price their home renovation costs.

The Renovation Cost Calculator

Our Simple 3-Step Process


Select the scope of work

Select the rooms you want to renovate and the work for each room. Simply click the boxes that apply to your project.

Taggy sitting on the computer using Renotag's renovation cost calculator.


Choose your materials

Each scope of work has a range of material options so you will get a price point that is specific to your project.

Taggy reading a renovation cost estimate by Renotag's renovation cost calculator.


Get your cost estimate

Renotag's Renovation Cost Calculator builds your quote using local market rates, tailored to your home address.

Taggy happy after using Renotag's renovation cost calculator.

Thousands of real estate professionals trust Renotag's renovation cost calculator

Why Renotag's Renovation Cost Calculator

Plan your project around the cost

Accurate Cost Icon on Renotag's renovation cost calculator

Accurate costs,
without a contractor

Get a true-to-market estimate before you start, with costs tailored to your specific area and project scope.

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Your home,
your choices

Our tool gives you the control to tweak and transform every aspect of your renovation, reflecting your style and needs.

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Understand exactly what you’re paying for and why, fostering trust and confidence in your renovation investments.

Your quote is priced in real-time with Renotag's renovation cost calculator.

Taggy happy after using Renotag's renovation cost calculator

A price for every project


Taggy happy after using Renotag's renovation cost calculator.

One project with the renovation cost calculator.


one-time payment


Unlimited projects on the renovation cost calculator.


Homeowners and Professionals Love Renotag

emily t

Emily T.

The cost breakdown was spot-on, which made my budgeting a breeze. Five stars for sure!

ali bolourchi

Ali B.

Every agent has a mortgage calculator. Now we have a renovation calculator that works even better.
david k

David K.

Thanks to Renotag, we avoided hidden costs with our attic conversion. The calculator was incredibly accurate and easy to use! It’s worth 10x more than what I paid.
jack r

Jack R.

Now we can get our homeowners a renovation estimate and plan the purchase or sale of a home in a fraction of the time it used to take
angela m

Angela M.

As a first-time homeowner, Renotag gave me the confidence to go forward with my renovation. The cost breakdowns are so clear!
sam w

Samantha W.

Incredible tool! Renotag made our home renovation journey transparent and manageable. It’s a 5-star service that delivers every time.
eric hall cbd

Eric H.

With Renotag, we are able to quickly cost out real, personalized estimates in seconds that would have otherwise required our team to spend hours to complete.
michael b

Michael B.

Renotag is a game-changer for DIY renovations. I knew exactly what my bathroom remodel would cost, with no surprises. Highly recommend!
about team 06

Natalie R.

Renotag is the best out there! It’s intuitive and gives me immediate cost updates as I changed materials and layouts.

... and thousands more use Renotag to price their renovations

Questions and answers...

What is Renotag?
Renotag is a state-of-the-art renovation cost calculator that gives homeowners instant, accurate estimates for home renovations based on their specific project details and local market prices.
How does Renotag provide accurate cost estimates?
Renotag uses a comprehensive database of local material and labor costs, updated regularly to reflect current market rates. It considers your project scope, location, and customization options to give you a reliable quote.
Can I adjust the materials and finishes in my estimate?
Absolutely! Renotag allows you to play with various material and finish options for each line item, providing real-time updates on how these changes affect your total renovation cost.
Is Renotag free to use?
Renotag costs $9.99 for a single project, or $25 / month for unlimited projects.
How detailed are the cost breakdowns from Renotag?
Renotag provides itemized cost breakdowns for each part of your renovation, including every room and all line items, detailing both material and labor costs.
Do I need to provide personal details to get a quote?
No personal details are required for a basic estimate. For a more comprehensive quote, we may ask for non-invasive details like your zip code to ensure local market accuracy.
What if my project is unique? Can Renotag still help?
Renotag is designed to cater to a wide range of projects, offering customizability to ensure that even the most unique renovation plans can be accurately estimated.
Can Renotag help me if I'm working with a contractor?
Yes, Renotag can be a valuable tool for benchmarking costs when working with contractors. It provides an unbiased estimate that you can bring to the negotiation table.
How current is the pricing data in Renotag?
Our pricing data is continuously updated to reflect the most current market conditions, ensuring you receive the most accurate estimate possible at any given time.

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